Dental Education Videos

Dr. Zak Long Beach dental team has created dental education videos to educate our patients, because we believe that patient education is the first step to a lifetime of good dental health and hygiene practices.

Dr. Zak Dental Care Education Videos


Replacing Missing Teeth (dentures)
MUST WATCH before getting your Dentures.


Replacing missing teeth (fixed versus removable dentures)
Fixed Dentures versus Removal Dentures.


Replacing missing teeth (Implants)
5 Questions you must ask before getting Dental Implants.


3 questions every patient should ask before getting BRACES!


3 Little Known Ways to Make Orthodontic Treatment Affordable


Why Orthodontic Care Isn't Just About Aesthetics


Top 5 Ways To Make Orthodontic Treatment Affordable


Exam and Cleanings
The Issue With Dental Procrastination

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